RIGGING RESEARCH - Facial and flying bi-pedal rig in 3-4 weeks
For this project, I was asked by an animator colleague of mine, Euna Park, to rig up a fairy character for the TheatAR team for their upcoming work 'Project Neverland'. TheatAR is an exploration project focusing on the use of augmented reality in live performance. In collaboration with the CMU School of Drama, the team is adapting an existing story to the stage featuring a fully-realized animated character that performs alongside a human actor. The end result is a short performance piece as proof of concept for AR’s expanding applications in the entertainment industry.
MY ROLE: Technical Artist (Character Rigger)
Week 1
In a span of a month, I will be working closely with the animator, Euna Park, to make sure to address her needs for this AR project. I have constructed a bi-pedal rig and am currently working on facial rig with a GUI system to help aid with the animation pipeline. Controls will also be placed with the fairy wings and eventually, emission of particles for this flying rig would be a stretch goal. By utilizing the AR platform, I hope to help Euna make their character come to life!
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