ABOUT THE PROJECT: As part of my independent study and research, I chose to complete a bi-pedal rig within a span of two weeks utilizing Autodesk Maya. 
For this project, it was important for me to implement several things for the bi-pedal rig which includes but is not limited to the following: Flexible spine, FK/IK arms and legs, independent hip movement, feet that rotate at various points (toe, heel, ball), eye targeting, space-switching IK arms, and hand / finger controls.
During my second (and final) week of the bi-pedal rig challenge, I made sure to expand on my work from week 1 add movement for the eye locators, expanded driven presets for the hand controls, adding balanced FK/IK arms, and fixing some areas of the rig that were still a bit buggy. I made sure to add a larger width of constraints for some of the driven presets, as recommended from my professor, and include some additional values. For fun, I also added some basic facial controls to help me get acquainted for the next week's challenge!
If I were to expand on this rig, I would try to improve on some areas of the body like the controls for the shoulders. I would also then pass this rig off to an animator to see if this rig is something useable for them to use. I'd also like to implement a stretchy spine technique. Additionally, I'd like to make use of trying to apply this rig to another mesh to see if it's capable of skinning properly. 
Week 1:
During Week 1 of my bi-ped rig project, I delved into terminology and research of rigging as a whole, brushing up on human anatomy, and played with various bi-pedal rigs. I started by rigging from the bottom up with the IK legs, hip controls, and then to the FK / IK arms. 
Going forward, I hope to find a better workflow that enables proper rigging technique and start rigging from the center of gravity of the character with the spine, study more rigging scripts, and correct rigging pipeline workflow to make sure I understand correct naming conventions, control creation, and setups especially when providing support for an animator.
For Week 2, I plan on completing the remainder of the bi-pedal rig and touching on some more rigging concepts that are interesting to me such as the difference between gaming and cinematic rigs as well as the pros and cons of various joint setups. Stay tuned for that!
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